Osteopathy, a manual medical discipline, identifies the vertebral and articular lesions that hinder the free flow of nerve impulses and biological fluids (blood, lymph, interstitial and synovial fluid, and cerebrospinal fluid). It identifies and frees those restrictions, thus allowing the body to recover its dynamism.

Relief and Wellbeing

Luc Gagnon Osteopath treats people of all ages, from cradle to grave. Among them, infants, amateur and professional athletes, dancers, students, and retired people.

Osteopathy helps them improve their mobility, vitality, and endurance. As a matter of principle, the human body heals itself. Osteopathy simply contributes to the process, sometimes acting as a catalyst when the natural process takes time.

To that end, Luc Gagnon involves his patients in their own therapy through custom exercise programs adapted to their capabilities.


Excercises & anatomy